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Getting To & From School

Busing, Parent Delivery, Walking


Students from the following areas will be bussed to school:  area bound by W. Main & Elm St. to Fairground; Kings Chapel Area; Carriage Crossing Way Area; Towne Park Apts; Route 41 east of Washington to I-75 to Farrington Rd.  All other students are designated as being able to walk to school.



Students should walk or ride their bikes to school is a safe manner, crossing streets only at designated crosswalks, and watching out for traffic and strangers.  Doors open at 8:30am for breakfast and 8:45 for all students.  Students must be in their classrooms by 8:55 to avoid being tardy. 


When delivering or picking up your child/children, do so along the NORTHBOUND lane of Trade Sq. West, in front of the school.  Do not use the parking lot because of bus traffic

If it becomes necessary for you to pick up your child/children at school, we ask that you:

  • Report to the office
  • Identify yourself
  • Sign your child/children out on our release chart

We do not release any student from school without your permission. Therefore, when a relative or friend does this task for you, we ask that you send a note with your child or with the relative/friend explaining your wishes. Our office will phone you at home or work before releasing your child/children to any individual without written permission from you.